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What We Do

It’s all about Digital Visibility.

In a phrase: We work with you to ensure that your digital presence is highly visible, no matter where or how someone looks. Through an in-depth analysis of your current website and social media environments, and with a solid understanding of who you are and what you want to present, we craft a program that ensures your content, contact information, activity descriptions across search categories and overall brand accurate presence are highly and repeatedly visible, no matter if you are being searched from a computer on the internet, from an iPad over Wi-Fi, from a Bluetooth-connected car touchscreen, or on-the-go from an iPhone or Android smartphone.

We’ll even take the mystery out of it. After we make sure you are prominently present and accounted for in all of the categories that matter, you’ll be able to see the actual results across all your sites or social media pages with your own digital dashboard.

Discoverable or Not … You Choose.

The online world is changing constantly, with new hoops and hurdles to jump through each time you log on. It’s complex, challenging and anything but consistent. Unless you’re living and breathing it every day like we are, you can’t be expected to be a digital subject matter expert.

We’ve got you covered. If you’re the do-it-yourself, hands-on type – or have the knowledgeable staffing resources to support your online visibility on a weekly basis - our DirectConnect program provides the dashboard and online interfaces to let you manage your social media and web visibility yourself. We’ll be there to hold your hand, with the tools to support new prospect development and current customer retention. It's an economically viable solution that fits a tight budget.

Or if you need a higher level of support, our sophisticated DirectConnect Plus program wraps our complete digital support process around you to ensure that your online presence remains fresh, timely and attractive to both new and returning visitors.

“Current and Connected” are the two most important drivers that keep the digital robots (aka: search engine algorithms) happy. Without staying on top of your digital visibility with new and updated material, and increasing your online traffic with new visitors, you sink to the bottom of the search list. And that means you’ll be lost in the noise. We won’t let that happen.

Want to know even more?

Take a look at our programs, and then send us an email from the Contact Us page. Or you can request more information directly. Just email: info@marketsmart-associates.com.