24/7 US-Based Answering Service
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What We Do

It’s all about The Best Customer Service.

  • 24/7 Live Answering. Always.
    -> Unavailable is not in our vocabulary.
    We never clock out.
  • After hours Services
    -> Sleep Tight. We can take a message
    Or contact the person on on-call.
  • Capture Every Lead
    -> No leads lost.
    We’re the ultimate sales support.
  • Stay in the Loop
    -> We’ll get your messages to you.,
    Wherever you are.
  • Focus on Your Business
    -> We’ve got your calls.
    You can focus on what matters most.
  • Ditch the Voicemail
    -> When it comes to meaningful connections, humans trump robots
  • Save a Tree
    -> We’re a sustainable business.
    Get exceptional service you can feel great about, again!
  • Hold My Calls
    -> Busy? Have an important meeting?
    Tap us in! We got this.
  • Get Notified via SMS
    -> Messages straight to your pocket.
    We’ll text you instantly.

In a phrase: We work with you to ensure that calls are answered quickly , documented, and acted on immediately.  24 hours a day, 365 a year.

We’ll even take the mystery out of it. After we make sure you are professionally set-up and all possible scenarios are accounted for all manners of calls that matter. You’ll be able to see the actual results in higher lead conversions, time management and customer satisfaction.

MarketSmart offers 24-hour inbound call center services, answering services, appointment setting, after-hours help desks, and digital marketing services for business and property Owners.

We offer friendly personalized professional help selling online, converting phone calls into leads, and even selling property online using our Live Chat Service, Answering Service {Take us for a test ride call: (877) 707-7606}, Appointment Setting, AI Chat Bot Integration, One Page Responsive Landing Pages, Facebook & Google My Business Pages.

Call MarketSmart’s 24/7 Help Desk at (877) 707-7606 and experience our answering service first-hand while you set up your complimentary phone consultation. Or visit MarketSmart-Associates.com to use our Chat Widget or website to learn more,

We love helping our customers achieve their goals using integrated digital marketing technology deployed by our friendly personable professionals! And then the real fun begins when we hear and see clients achieving their goals.

Our best clients are savvy entrepreneurs who are excited about growing their business and understand that they need help. We look for clients who want to work with a team of trusted master-minded partners, not the low-cost provider. Our rates are reasonable and competitive.

-> Rates as low as $99 per month.  -> Local or 800 Number  -> $99 Set-Up Charge  -> Same Day Setup

Don’t wait another minute to get a Free Estimate.

Give call us (877) 707-7606 and ask for Mark or click here to set up an appointment on our calendar.

Digital Marketing Services

We’ll even take the mystery out of it. After we make sure you are prominently present and accounted for in all of the categories that matter, you’ll be able to see the actual results across all your sites or social media pages with your own digital dashboard.

Discoverable or Not … You Choose.

The online world is changing constantly, with new hoops and hurdles to jump through each time you log on. It’s complex, challenging and anything but consistent. Unless you’re living and breathing it every day like we are, you can’t be expected to be a digital subject matter expert.

We’ve got you covered. If you’re the do-it-yourself, hands-on type – or have the knowledgeable staffing resources to support your online visibility on a weekly basis - our DirectConnect program provides the dashboard and online interfaces to let you manage your social media and web visibility yourself. We’ll be there to hold your hand, with the tools to support new prospect development and current customer retention. It's an economically viable solution that fits a tight budget.

Or if you need a higher level of support, our sophisticated DirectConnect Plus program wraps our complete digital support process around you to ensure that your online presence remains fresh, timely and attractive to both new and returning visitors.

“Current and Connected” are the two most important drivers that keep the digital robots (aka: search engine algorithms) happy. Without staying on top of your digital visibility with new and updated material, and increasing your online traffic with new visitors, you sink to the bottom of the search list. And that means you’ll be lost in the noise. We won’t let that happen.

Want to know even more?

Take a look at our programs, and then send us an email from the Contact Us page. Or you can request more information directly. Just email: info@MarketSmart-Associates.com