Business Development Officer

My company has been working with MarketSmart for the last year, It has been a great experience and has provided a nice return on our investment.

MarketSmart has let me focus on running my business while they manage my digital presence and online lead generation. They are my digital marketing team,

MarketSmart manages my digital presence online which includes my website, local business directory listings, social pages, YouTube channel, reputation monitoring, lead capture forms that send leads to me when they happen…and much more.

MarketSmart is also managing my digital marketing and driving new leads from my website’s search engine optimized landing pages as well as managing our business AdWords’ account.

We meet briefly once a week for about 30 minutes to discuss how to improve our website traffic and lead conversion rates.  MarketSmart has been coaching me in the art of digital content marketing and how it helps prospects turn into leads and then sales.

If you are a business owner who thinks that you could generate more business if you could get your digital marketing working better, then I highly recommend that you reach out to MarketSmart. 

They do their homework, they listen to what your goals are, they ask why somebody would do business with you and what they would be searching for online to find you.

It was an interesting process to go through and at the end of the day we decided instead of focusing on all the things that our company can do that we would focus on the things that generate the highest profit for the company.

MarketSmart has tools that deliver interactive reporting, establish baselines and benchmarks that will give you a clear picture of what your online digital presence looks like today. MarketSmart worked with us to build road-map for improvements and then executed the plan.

I give them 5 Stars for service and results!

Grant Woodruff

Founder and Business Development Officer
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