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Business Owners

Are you being found? 

Using multiple sophisticated digital evaluation tools, we conduct research into the following areas of your current digital presence, including:

  •  360° analysis of your website “discoverability,” visibility to all major search engines, online directories, verified reviews and ratings pages;
  • Competitive analysis and search engine rankings in your important local subject categories;
  • Evaluate SEO benchmarks for website page titles and descriptions, keywords and metadata efficacy;
  • With your approved access to look “under the hood,” review the metrics for your site visits, click-through rates and page view durations;
  • Conduct a responsiveness evaluation across mobile platforms, including google Android, Apple iOS and HTML smart phones and tablets;
  • Determine the range and scope of your social media presence and activity level (including Facebook);
  • Identify key performance liabilities and challenges;
  • and- Discuss with you key areas of improvement, presented in plain English, with an explanation of why they are important to your goals.

Your investment for this service is $500 (waved if additional services are engaged).

Want to Get Better Results

The result? You'll be seen, and be able to watch your business grow as it happens.​

If you agree that having a high profile digital presence is important to your growth, we have two packages designed to increase your online visibility across local listings, attract new visits to your web and social media pages, and reinforce your retention strategies. 

We call this first tier of service DirectConnect.

Based on the results of the situation analysis, and with input from you, MarketSmart’s Marketing Technologists will utilize a mix of sophisticated digital tools to initiate your specific digital visibility and online presence. If you want to be found online, this is where it starts. 

DirectConnect includes:

  • Our implementation of powerful online content automation and management tools that feed your provided profile, product and service information, team bios and important outreach communications where they need to be, including to your website, social media pages, and importantly, to the dozens of high-traffic online listings that address your local area, including Yahoo, Mapquest, Yelp, White Pages, Yellow Pages Online, Citysearch, UrbanSpoon and over 50 other major online websites, local directories and content aggregators of business listings.
  • An intuitive dashboard that provides full access to your ongoing website and social media performance metrics so you can manage and track performance
  • Working with you and your website provider, we can suggest specific content additions, page optimizations and mobile responsiveness recommendations to improve your online discoverability across the most important online search environments and platforms;
  • Training in the use of your DirectConnect tools.

Cost: $1,500 one time setup fee; $500 monthly retainer

Are your hands full? We can do it all for you!

If full service support is more in line with your needs and schedule, we’ll wrap our complete visibility management services around you to ensure that your digital presence remains fresh, timely and attractive to both new and returning visitors. We'll also manually address those online environments that limit automated external access. This is DirectConnect Plus.

We understand that your day is booked solid with myriad important responsibilities and that managing the digital world can be intense and time consuming. That’s why we have our “Plus” package that transfers the ongoing digital communications management duties to us. Think of this service as the addition of a virtual Marketing Technologist to your staff, one with an advanced understanding of digital processes that goes deep and remains engaged.

The DirectConnect Plus program includes:

  • Manual updates and content management of your messaging for hyper-local directories and contact aggregators, including detailed inclusion of your content on LinkedIn, google Plus, Facebook, Yahoo, Mapquest and Bing local business pages, as well as other environments that limit access;
  • Bi-weekly distribution of new content developed with you, based on your specific needs, such as the notification of events, staffing changes, new contact or address information, bios, testimonials and reviews;
  • Ongoing SEO for maximum visibility of new content added to your pages;
  • Outreach emails of your content, sent to your list on a recurring basis (Note: email send costs are additional, typically $.01/address);
  • A monthly performance report and review meeting with you or your staff addressing the metrics for web, social media and mobile activity, including analytics for visibility, traffic and click-through statistics;-
  • Recommendations and suggestions on content and performance improvements.

More than just being seen, you'll be everywhere and anywhere your potential customers search for your products or services.​

DirectConnect Plus is $2500 per month and includes all basic DirectConnect services.

Need something more, or just “off the sheet?”

Custom Lead Generation Package...

Sometimes it takes more than online visibility. Maybe you need wider distribution or unique and custom content to attract a harder-to-reach potential customer. Your MarketSmart team can craft a custom program tailored to your budget and needs, utilizing some of the following processes and techniques:

- Geographic, activity-based, demographic or market segment list development using sophisticated criteria modeling;

- Online or print promotional campaigns chosen to reach your specific local, regional or national targets;

- Content, design and layout matching your brand identity, communication style and voicing; or

- A full market review and campaign analytics evaluation to set goals and determine efficacy.

All it takes is a strategic plan, and we can help with that too!​

​(* Note: Some manually managed directory listing locations are excluded from the basic DirectConnect service)